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The Miracle of Kangen Water


One of the main things that makes Kangen Water so powerful is its ability to alkalinize the system; but what does that mean? When we talk about acidity in the body we are referring to the build-up of Hydrogen ions inside the cell (H+). This causes a cascading of different events that are extremely harmful to the human body but the most dangerous result of the accumulation of hydrogen ions in the cells is that the cell will repel oxygen away from it because of the positively charged hydrogen. All energy production (by definition your metabolism!), which is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system, and most certainly for curing a sick and dying one, is dependent on oxygen. If there is no oxygen the mitochondria in the body cannot produce energy, your metabolism shuts down and your immune system weakens. When we drink fresh pressed juices those juices break down to an alkaline ash in the body in the form of Potassium Hydroxide. The Hydroxide portion of that molecule (OH-) literally enters the cells and reacts with Hydrogen(H+) to neutralize the acidity through the formation of water(H2O). That reaction is one of the greatest secrets to human health that exists. In today’s society our diets and lifestyles have become so acidic that our cells can no longer meet the energy requirements necessary for basic immune system and metabolic functions which is why we are coming down with such deadly diseases and we are becoming increasingly obese. The only way to begin reversing this acidity is through the mass consumption of raw fruits and vegetables or KANGEN WATER! Japanese and Russian scientists figured out a way to create water with MASSIVE amounts of Hydroxyl (OH-) ions that can enter cells immediately and neutralize the acidity. Before Kangen water, the only way to accomplish that was juicing or vast amounts of fruits and vegetables. Do not be fooled by bottled waters that claim to alkalinize the system—THEY DO NOT! These bottled waters on the market, claiming to alkalinize the system, are gimmick waters that have alkalinizing agents added to them such as Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate or Potassium Citrate. These additives do give the blood and urine alkaline readings BUT they do nothing to neutralize the accumulated acidity inside the cell as they do not contain HYDROXYL ions. Again, the only thing that can do that is the Hydroxyl ion mentioned above which these alkalinizing agents clearly do not contain. Fortunately, there is nothing that can produce a greater concentration of hydroxyl ions than the Kangen water machine (not even a freshly pressed juice) which is why every single household in the United States must have this unit in their homes. It is the best investment, other than a juicer, that a family can make in its health— hands down! This is why 1 out of every 6 households in Japan has this technology in their homes. It is vital to human health.


The other property of Kangen Water that gives it tremendous healing power is its microclustered properties. Today, our water typically comes in molecular structures of 13-20 units. Molecular structures of that size make it difficult to penetrate cell membranes and deliver vital oxygen to the mitochondria. The Kangen water machine literally breaks down the structure of the water to 6 molecular units. What does this mean? What it means, is two things. First, the ability of the water to penetrate cell membranes and deliver oxygen (and the powerful hydroxyl ions of Kangen water) is exponentially greater. However, equally important, is that microclustered water is able to penetrate, breakdown and utilize nutrients on a much greater scale. It will literally dissolve supplements you take into your body in minutes. This can be demonstrated over and over again using a tea bag. If you take any tea bag and use tap and Kangen water at room temperature you will see the following results: when putting the tea bag in room temperature tap water for 30 minutes nothing will occur. After 30 minutes, no tea will be extracted from the bag as we obviously know we must boil water in order to extract the tea from the plant. With Kangen water, however, immediately upon submerging the bag into the water you have a FULL-STRENGTH cup of tea. It is truly miraculous. Not only that, you can dip that tea bag into TEN cups of Kangen water and get TEN FULL-STRENGTH cups of tea with ONE tea bag! It is nothing short of shocking. The same thing occurs when this water is utilized with supplements. The supplements are immediately dissolved and utilized by the body. This is why you cannot drink the 9.5 PH Kangen water when you take medications. It will dissolve and absorb the meds too quickly. You must take meds with the 7.0PH water created by the machine. Again, this is just yet another miraculous property of this machine that is changing people’s lives. It is alkalinizing the system and delivering vital oxygen and nutrients greater than anything available today.



Kangen, in Japanese, literally means, “BACK TO ORIGIN.” There are still five places on the planet today where people line up to fill their water jugs with water similar to what is coming out of the Kangen Water System. Those 5 places are; Lourdes, France, Tiacote, Mexico, Nadan, India, Nordenau, Germany and the Himalayan mountains. You could travel to those places and fill your water jugs with the same, high-powered water. Wouldn’t it be cheaper, however, to have a Kangen water unit in your home?


Not only does the Kangen water unit produce the miraculous healing properties above, but the machine’s capacity to produce EIGHT different PH levels gives it a myriad of other household and cosmetic uses specific to each varying PH. Here is a list of those uses at its varying PH levels.


PH 8.0-9.5: This is the PH that people classically use to drink and transform their health but here is a list of its other uses:


PH 4.0-6.5(BEAUTY WATER): women love this water for its toning and firming of skin



**Cleaning fruits and vegetables**: This is 11.5PH’s greatest use: Today, pesticides are petroleum-based chemicals with high mercury residues that CANNOT be washed off by tap water. On the contrary, when washed with tap water, loaded with chlorine and fluoride, the pesticide will actually ABSORB the chlorine and fluoride INTO the fruit or vegetable. This can be proven by testing your water for chlorine and flouride before and after washing your fruits and vegetables. After washing, your tap water will be TOTALLY free of chlorine and fluoride. Where did it go? It went straight into the fruits and vegetables and the petroleum-based pesticide it is coated with. Take 11.5PH Kangen water and literally watch the petroleum-based residue drip right off. Try this experiment at home. Take 11.5 Kangen water and submerge a bunch of cherry tomatoes in it. Also take tap water and do the same thing. Wait 15 minutes and take the tomatoes out of both waters. Your 11.5PH water will be filthy dirty with the pesticide residues and your tap water will be as clean as a whistle; MINUS THE CHLORINE AND FLOURIDE. Your 11.5PH tomatoes will taste delicious while your tap-water washed tomatoes will taste awful. This alone is a reason why you should have a Kangen Water System in your home.



****In the food Industry strong acidic water is regarded as having EXCELLENT disinfecting properties and can be substituted for alcohol and chlorine solutions**** ****In the medical industry it is widely used to prevent the spread of infection(INCLUDING MRSA), general cleaning and washing of hands. For this purpose even Sheraton Hotels Worldwide has instituted the cleaning of its rooms with 2.5PH water instead of the expensive, deadly, toxic chemicals used today in most hotels and households***


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